I lost my password. What should I do?

Please check e-mail from us, you have received it when joined our site. If you don`t have such email, please retrieve your password here.

I have upgraded my membership, but I still see Limited members area... Why?

Most probably you have a problem with site cookie.
Please go to members area of the site and if you still don`t see full access, logout from members area clicking LOGOUT link.
Now login again using your password and this will refresh cookie.
These steps will help you to access full members area. If this will not help please try to use another browser.

Your site looks broken and uncomfortable to navigate. Why?

Sites are optimized for new versions of browsers. For better preview please install Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3+, Chrome or Safari.

I can`t play streaming videos. Why?

If you can`t see our stream videos online, please make sure you have installed Adobe Flash Player latest version.

I don`t like your site and want to cancel. What should I do?

In this case please go to cancel page and follow instructions. If you are completely disappointed you may refund here.